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Are you wondering what came of all the interviews? Well, once the actual walk ended in November 2019, the Gross National Happiness USA (GNHUSA) data analysis began in earnest. With support from the P.C. Morrell Foundation, the University of Vermont’s Center for Rural Studies, and the many volunteers and private donors who made the Happiness Walk project possible, over 3,000 interviews were painstakingly transcribed, coded, and analyzed. The findings were then published in a white paper: A 10,000-mile Happiness Walk Identifies Wellbeing Domains of the USA by Michael Moser and myself, Paula Francis.

Walk Project Findings

GNHUSA is committed to the promotion of happiness by expanding measures of progress and success beyond economic values to include holistic measures of wellbeing – by measuring what matters. We honor and promote the resonance between what We the People value, how we live, and what we measure – taking care to dignify all living creatures and to pay homage to the planet.

The eleven domains expressed through this research project are listed below.

  • Social Connectedness

  • Psychological Wellbeing

  • Spirituality

  • Education

  • Culture

  • Community Vitality

  • Health

  • Good Governance

  • Physical Environment

  • Material Wellbeing

  • Time Balance

Click here to download the full full report.

You may also learn more about GNHUSA and its work at

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