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About Me


Yesterday I was a Happiness Walker.
Today I am a writer and architect of peace and happiness.
Each moment I'm fashioning who I'll be tomorrow.

I  grew up in a quintessential sixties neighborhood during the bellbottom years but to my chagrin not early enough to be a Woodstock hippie. With a thrifty father and a mother who struggled with depression and chased UFO’s, my childhood years set the stage for spiritual seeking and the pursuit of a meaningful life.


I eventually settled in Vermont where I raised three daughters who are loved to the moon and back. Always looking to improve the lot of society, I worked in areas focused on building conditions that support individual and community well-being, including co-founding Gross National Happiness USA.  That, in addition to my life's experiences, led to my walk around the country. Unsurprisingly, the trek became a personal pilgrimage as much as a project...a journey that changed me down to my DNA.


You can now find me moving around the country on wheels rather than on my calloused feet. If you see me, stop and say hello!

Let's get


I hate labels. I am neither this nor that. Most likely, I am a little of this AND that. I live in the gray zone much of the time - except on things that really matter.

I am in love with coffee. From the first kiss in the morning to the last taste of the day, freshly ground French roasted dark coffee has me swooning. 

I believe in the magic of Love. I believe in the divine unfolding of the Universe with an Infinite Creator as the genesis of all our blessings.

I can pee in ten seconds flat on the side of the road with my backpack and hip packs on and fully loaded.

I want to live on the ocean...maybe I will someday. For now I can't decide where I want to live so I purchased a trailer (appropriately called a Happier Camper) until my place calls to me.

I can live on twenty-five pounds of stuff. I get overwhelmed by too many choices and avoid large grocery and department stores when I can. I much prefer to support small and local businesses and to eat foods native to my surroundings. 

Walking was like breathing to me. I terribly miss walking the roads, though I get to see the country in a much different way today.

Butter, fresh bread, and wine are my nemeses! This does not bode well for being off the road and not walking ten hours a day, seven days a week!

I remain a spiritual seeker, but more than that, I AM a spiritual being as I believe we all are. 

serious about happiness

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Click here to view a video made 7,000-miles into the Happiness Walk.

And watch for the documentary. Honestly, it's been in the making for several years. Still, I am not letting go of the idea. There are thousands more interviews I'd love to share.

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