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Another Bit of Synchronistic Magic

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

by guest blogger, Maureen Burkley

I had the pleasure of experiencing some more of that "synchronistic magic" connected to my book and am excited to share it with all of you in the hopes that it helps you recognize these moments when they are showing up in your life too. It was particularly magical because I wasn't seeking anything at the time - just following my inner-guidance.

There is someone I "know" from a few on-line communities I am a part of who invited me to attend a zoom call she was putting together with a few other like-minded souls that are friends of hers. I knew instantly I would participate. No hesitation, no questioning . . . it was an immediate yes for me.

*This is often a component of "synchronistic magic" - when you feel the "yes" immediately, almost as if it bypasses your mind completely and you just KNOW you're in. You may also notice that you have zero expectation of what will come about as a result. You're just saying "yes!" because it feels right.

While on the call, I felt very drawn to the peaceful energy of one of the other participants. I couldn't help noticing the way she held space for everyone while others were talking. Her energy was gentle and supportive but very strong and grounded as well. I felt nudged to send her a note the next day to tell her how much I appreciated her energy. (Something I am often too shy to do.)

*This is also a common component of "synchronistic magic" - when you feel an inner nudge to do something, even if you aren't sure why. You just know it feels "right" in your heart.

I sent her an email and after a little back and forth, I found out that she (Paula) is also an author who, like me, published her first book this year. We decided to buy a copy of each other's books - again another "immediate yes" - no "thinking" required. :-)

I had just started another book when her book arrived so some time had passed between when I ordered/received her book and when I got started on it. After the first few chapters, I felt inspired to email her and tell her how much I was already enjoying her book. I randomly decided to mention that my delay in starting it was because there was another book that I wanted to finish reading before I started hers.

*This is another common component when you are riding the wave of Synchronistic Magic. You observe yourself saying or writing something that you hadn't previously intended - it just kind of pops out of your mouth or springs from your fingertips.

As I continued to soak up and savor the beauty and insights of her book, I was in awe of how many similarities there were between her book and mine AND the one I had just finished. While they are different stories and very unique in their own way, they somehow all seemed to dovetail together. It was as if they were all woven together into the same tapestry. Three different people, writing three completely different books from three different perspectives. One was fiction, the other two were memoirs and yet there was so much in these three books that were the same . . . insights - nuggets of wisdom, etc. The "main characters" experienced different challenges, followed different paths, the authors used different terminology to describe the journey and yet they revealed so many of the same discoveries. I was amazed by the fact we were all finding a way to share and understand of such similar concepts.

Once she finished reading my book, she emailed me to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Excitedly I told her about how I could feel these threads of connection between her book, my book and the one that I had read right before hers. It was then that I shared what the other book was . . .

And that was the next jaw dropping moment of the Synchronistic Magic . . . the book at the top of HER reading pile that she planned to start next was the SAME BOOK . . . . The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. I'm telling you, you just can't make this stuff up! This is what Paula refers to in her book as PFM's - Pure Freakin' Magic!

*When this happens - these moments of PFM - it's extremely likely that more things will reveal themselves in surprising ways . . . connections (meeting the next right person) or ideas (a random thought pops into your head that you hadn't considered before) etc. The key is to just stay open and see what comes next.

The more they happen, the less surprised we are when they happen and yet my giddy reaction to having experienced another one of these PFM's never lessens! They are the things that tell me I am on the right track, they are my sign posts, my encouragement to keep moving ahead, confirming that I am "in flow."

How do you know when you are having a PFM moment? You might find yourself thinking "Could this really be?" "How is this possible?" You might notice a quickening of your heart rate or notice your breathing changes (to either deeper or more shallow with each in-breath). For me, these moments are often accompanied by a buzzing in my ears or goosebumps up my arms. Sometimes it is a smile so big it makes my eyes squint or my hands automatically swoop up and cover my heart, as I breathe it in and savor the moment. There is no "right" way to experience a PFM moment. (Just pointing out a few of the things I've noticed in myself in the hopes that it might help some of you recognize them as well.)

I truly believe the energy of this magic is all around us - whether you call them synchronicities, or PFMs or any other descriptor . . . what we call them is less important than just observing them when they happen and watching them unfold. The more we see the magic and ride the waves, the more magic we will likely encounter.

So listen to your heart and your inner-nudges, notice when you find yourself saying "yes" to something that you can feel in your heart (that by-passes the thinking/processing of our mind) and then stay open to seeing what shows up next!

Right now, I think most of us could really benefit from experiencing more magic in our lives - to lift our spirits and show us what else is possible . . . My wish for all of humanity is that these beautiful moments become more and more noticeable to everyone because I believe in my heart that we all deserve them and so much more!!!

To purchase Lucky For Me by Maureen Burkley, go to River Sanctuary Publishers or click here to follow her blogs.

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