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Welcome! This is where you can listen to various podcasts but most especially Sisters Speak wanna-be-podcasts hosted by sibling authors Paula Francis and Christine Noyes.  We know nothing and want to share it all with you in a not-so-regular podcast! Grab your coffee and take a listen!

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not-so-regular Sisters Speak podcasts

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February Love!  Feb. 22 2024

Saying goodbye, Saying hello . . .

and all the Love in between!

- Paula and Chris

Happy 2024!  Jan. 14 2024

Resolutions or Intentions? What's your plan for 2024?

- Paula and Chris

Happy Thanksgiving! Nov. 22, 2023

What are you grateful for?

- Paula and Chris

Self-Editing   Nov. 8, 2023

We were just wondering, "What if you could edit every

word, thought, and action in life?"

- Paula and Chris

Angel Cards - Flexibilty/Clarity Oct. 27, 2023

"Our inaugural attempt of an audio podcast was so much fun that it runs for fourteen minutes! We apologize for the long-windedness but we just couldn't help ourselves. We will do our best to keep our banter to a minimum in the future. Thanks for listening!"

- Paula and Chris

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more of my podcasts on happiness

Celebrate Happiness Roadshow - January 2024

Sandra M’s Celebrate Happiness Roadshow Podcast is a platform for people to share their Happiness Stories. Speaking from the heart, guests tell us what makes them happy and how they create happiness in their own lives and the lives of friends, family and community.  It’s guaranteed to awaken your Happiness Vibe! Each episode offers a key to happiness for your life and music from Sandra’s live Celebrate Happiness Roadshow, a toast to love and happiness in life. 


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Institute for Integrative Intelligence - Feb 2023

The Institute is on a mission to elevate human potential through the art and science of masterful coaching. We are here to help leaders and individuals engage the powerful and inspiring lens of Integrative Intelligence®. We are here to see professionals successfully lead through their life's calling. Sisters Christine Noyes and Paula Francis share their individual and connected journeys following their own passions. Watch on YouTube here.

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Groove With Portia - December 2021

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The America I Want - April 2021

The America I Want is program is about individual expression, collective listening, and citizen participation. It’s a forum to reflect on what we all want for our country. It is an initiative launched by Linley Foundation and hosted by David Patrick Adams, allowing Americans to express their deepest hopes and dreams for their country.​ Watch on You Tube here.

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